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OAI is uniquely equipped with Avtron K838AT to handle all the Power Generation Systems

Overhaul Accessory Inc., has advanced test equipment, machine shop, balancing machine and NDT equipment to support its customer needs.

Our highly trained and experienced technical team is dedicated to aviation safety by providing all of our customers with the highest quality component repairs in the aviation industry.

We specialize in Test, Repair and Overhaul of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Fuel, Electromechanical and Power Generation Components. Offering Specialized Services such as in house NDT, Balancing and Machining in order to provide our customers with faster TAT.

OAI is uniquely equipped with:

• Avtron Hydraulics Systems H355, H565, H402-50 and ADAS-D750.

• Avtron Power Generation System K838AT.

• Pneumatic System delivers the required Air Flow and Heated Temperatures.

• Fuel System provides extensive capabilities.

OAI has a State of the Art Machine Shop to support its customer’s need with multiple Lathes, Milling, Honing, Surface grinders and an Electrical Discharging Machines to achieve the highest precision repairs and equivalent tool manufacturing.

Our NDT inspection services offers high quality inspections by focusing in integrity, reliability and safety. We provide a broad range of non-destructive testing methods, all of which are backed up by our philosophy to offer the best possible product and satisfaction to our customer. Our team will support your process with nondestructive testing and inspection solutions with accordance with worldwide OEM specifications and help you with short turnaround times, low costs and high quality service.